Heat sink 1156 review

what is a good 1156 heatsink??
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  1. Core contact freezer is my favorite. It is ranked #4 and is only $24 on newegg.
    For heatsink reviews go to frostytech.com
  2. I installed the brand new Thermalright Venomous X in my Intel Core i7 860 system. The Venomous X is an updated version of the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. It was designed specifically for the new Intell socket 1156 and 1336 cpu's. Very cool mounting system makes installation a breeze. Preliminary thermal testing during a torture test at 100% load revealed the unit has excellent cooling capabilities. I'm satisfied.

    Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about cpu heatsinks:


    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for Intel socket 1156 cpu's.

    EDIT - Tom's Hardware publish a brand new review of socket 1156heatsinks this morning:

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