How do I change my windows login name

I am trying to remote access my pc. The administrator who set up my system is no longer available. I know the correct password but do not know the "login" , not the onscreen name. how do I find my windows login information? OS is XP Pro
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  1. It's the same as when you logon to the PC when you are at your desk. If you don't have that setup you need to go to that computer and look for the users setup on it to check it. If this is a work PC you may be connecting to a domain account and need to check that user name, it won't be setup as a local account. You can find the user name also in C:\Documents and Settings.

    You won't be able to get that remotely though unless you can connect to the PC in the first place, so get your keys and jacket and check on the office computer.
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