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I have overclocked my memory and CPU for the first time. I have read a guide on how to do it but for some reason my computer is freezing up. It works for a while and then everything freezes, it doesnt reboot or anything, just all locks up and the lights on my mouse and keyboard turn off.

I have Intel core i7 920, X58 Asus rampage extreme, Corsair dominator GT 2X2gb 2000mhz.

Here is a screenshot of my settings:
I am not sure if the voltages are correct, ive tried raising them to see if it corrected the issue.
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  1. Sound like you've pushed it too far. What cooler are you using? If you're using the stock cooler, then 1.496v is way to high. What are your temps looking like?
  2. You have some very high settings and I think you should lower your o/c and those voltages. Your using software and not the bios , turbo is enabled and probably all power saving states, which can make it harder to trace instability reasons. Your qpi voltage should be 1.35 , Your ram voltage is fine (if your ram is 1.65v ram).
    I would put base clock on 170
    lower vcore to 1.35
    lower qpi voltage to 1.35
    and see if that runs without freezing. Do more reading. Your trying to go to high to fast.
    Are you monitoring cooling and checking stability with software mentioned in guides ?
  3. I have been changing the settings in the BIOS. Only reason i opened TurboV was for a screenshot of the voltages. I am not sure what power settings are on, i have left everything on default. My CPU isnt underclocking, its staying at the clock speed i set it at, so there might not be any power saving settings on.

    I have changed to the settings you have mentioned above and am going to see if it crashes. I have not ran Prime95 yet, didnt see any point because its freezing up before, so its going to freeze on that too probably.
  4. Overclocking rule #1. Everything in moderation. Start out small, and work your way up in small increments, one thing at a time, testing with memtest and prime after every change. You cannot simply jump in and raise everything to a high level. You are asking for trouble if you do that!
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