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i got one of 2 dives out of m computer, one clicked constantly, but i got the data off it.

my question is, is it possible for a hard drive to make a loud notable click, not make it again, and not show up on the event viewer?

im asking this because my computer had 2 drives fail, i got the unstable one out, but there is still a more stable, but still failing drive in it, and the new hdd i put in could also be making clicks. but i dont even know if its hard drive related, as my room makes allot of noises, for no real reasons that i am able to find. its entirely possible its not in the computer (though my case does make noises every now and than)

i just want to know so i can have some piece of mind.
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  1. Yes, it is common for drives to "click" and make various noises, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are going bad. The best means to test a drive's stability is to run an AdvSMART test using an HD diagnostic tool, as it can help to predict an imminent failure.
  2. the click im talking about is the harddrive just stopped working, reading anything and kept clicking.

    i dont think it was a death click, and by tapping the drive, the problem went away for long enough for me to clone the drive.

    i know a harddrive can make noise, but that loud notable click, i want to know if its normal to have it happen every so often

    and sense the first post, i detirmaned that my chair made the noise, i think.
  3. You can go the the manufacturer's website and there is a test that you can download and test the hard drive once and for all.

    Good Luck.

    ~ Sam
  4. i know about them, but they dont tell me exactly whats wrong. its either it passes or it fails, and from what i read, if there is 1 bad sector it can fail it, even if the drive is still ok.
  5. If you want a more thorough check of the hard drive sectors, ADRC alerts you of bad sectors. It posts how many bad sectors there are while doing the scan.
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