Need a bit of wiring Help (labeled diagrams included)

My board is a GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3

The mobo's manual was fail, it didn't help me at all with wiring > : (.

I don't know which wires to connect to which spots and in which orientation :(.

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  1. I need to know what model MOBO this is?
  3. Let's see if this comes out clearly enough:

    ah-ha! imageshack comes through again!
  4. I love you. You can name my first two newborns.
    EDIT: Kinda strange how the labels are facing different directions but k :3
  5. You know - the funny thing is, I did it in AutoCAD, by pasting the main diagram from your manual, and then drawing in the connectors - I originally put the lettering at 90 degrees (which I never noticed matched the existing text), and then wasn't happy with it, so I changed it to 270 (backward)!
  6. Wait so should I switch the colored and the white leads?
  7. No, no - this was just the text - your wiring appears to be white for negative or ground, colored for signal or power...
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