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Hello, I am not on a network (just internet). Should my LAN Boot Rom be enabled? OR disabled? or does it make not matter?
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  1. It does'nt matter, when you are using the connection only for internet, you dont need to boot from LAN. You can disable it, but you can choose by yourself.
  2. THANKS...I did not know this one was posted ... I just signed up ... so disregard the duplicate posting that followed it!
  3. Yup just disable it.
    No reason to have it enabled unless you are booting from a network drive.
  4. With some routers you wake up a computer from a remote location.
    More info:

  5. All of these responses are incorrect - it does not have to do with network booting or Wake-on-LAN.

    LAN BootROM has to do with providing gigabit functionality on older operating systems that don't have proper diver support, such as MS-DOS. If your operating system was made after 1999, you should probably leave it disabled, as that will allow your machine to boot faster.

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