Oops, I might have ruined my mobo

Hi all,

I have an M3A-H Asus mobo. I recently made a case for it because Im broke. When I was screwing the mobo down the screw moved and it removed one or 2 of those really tiny black things on the mobo. It has solder on both sides and is extremely small. It is a little black box. One is located near the chassis intrusion area so it probably is not a vital component. I do not even know what these things are called.

The computer seems to work fine without it but I am wondering what exactly it is and how important they are. There are several of them all over the board. Does anyone know what they are? Thanks!
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  1. They are a terrorist conspiracy. Who needs them. Yank them all.
  2. I don't know if your talking about your bottom right one or mid left screw hole. I think its your bottom right one which is by the usb headers. which means one or two of your usb ports might not work. if thats the case Then them little black things are shunts to protect your motherboard from voltage issues (like spikes from static electricity) if you damage then something might not work but apparently you don't use that feature of your motherboard anyways
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