Image folder on hdd question

i collect images.

things i think are awesome
things i think are hot
things i think i will want to see again some time.

but i have a folder that is well over 25gb with nearing 200k images split into 3-4 folders.
whenever i open a folder with images in it, my computer wants to slit its own wrists, i can tell. its possible to lock up explorer for close to 10 minutes to open the folder, and close to a 1-3 minute wait to see any image after double click.

how would you suggest i organised the images so that the folders can open in reasonable time frames.

i already separate them from 67kb go in one area and over go to another, because 67k is the cut off for most crap images.

and also, would a ssd drive have this same problem? in the future i may move my image dump over to a ssd for there seek times alone.
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  1. The obvious solution would be to try and make some additional folders and transfer the images over, i.e. smaller folder size=better seek time. If you go with a SSD, it should help out immensely in regard to access time. What sort of drive are you using now?
  2. 1.5tb seagate. sadly i cant really trust it.i have been thinking that when i can afford it, im going to get a ssd for the image folders. as over the last 10 years i have only really amassed 80gb, a 200gb ssd drive that i transfer images over to once every 5gb may be a great thing to get.
  3. Either that or you can move to a Velociraptor (a 10K rpm drive) or a network drive like a cheetah that spin at 12K rpm. Some even spin up to 15k these days, but they are just as expensive as an SSD. A V. Raptor is probably the more affordable option, but I don't think you'll see the improvement that you are looking for in load times.
  4. nah, i would much rather not use a spining disc drive, so if im paying for special space, id rather it be ssd form over a normal hdd.

    i am thinking i could do 120gb ssd or a 160gb, the time it would take to fill those would be close to 3-4 years, if it was just images. and by than ssd drives will hopefully be significantly lower in price.
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