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I don't need more than a 160gb Caviar Blue but it only has an 8mb cache, while the 500gb Blue has 16mb cache. I also found a really good deal on a 1tb Black w/32mb cache and a 5 yr warranty vs 3. Would I see a difference while changing or loading maps during a game like Call of Duty World at War?

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  1. The black will be faster for loading maps during call of duty, yes. The blue will put out a little less heat and a little less noise. Most gamers seem to be going with the blacks or the Samsung f3 spinpoint.
  2. The blacks are just a little bit faster, but you cannot beat the price on the Spinpoints - I just bought 2 at $56.
  3. The Black is faster, and yes you will notice a difference when loading maps and such in a game. I say go for the WD Black.
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