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Hi. I am a long time reader, first time poster. I know you all get a ton of people posting your builds for help.... and I'm no different. I would love your help on my gaming computer build. Nothing TOO fancy I don't think... I want to keep it under 2k in price, or around there. These are the items i have found so far that, as far as I have read, will work together. If not, please let me know what I could replace it with, and has about the same power or what ever you think is best. I might be missing a few components overall, and if I could get help on that I would be sooo grateful. No more babbling...



Hard Drive:

Power Source:



Video Card:

DVD Drive/Burner:

Didn't do, names just links. Hope that does not seem lazy. Again, thanks for all the info ahead of time. Hope I didn't make to much of a fool of myself picking these.
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  1. Hey, I just posted this same suggestion in another thread so I hope I'm not terribly wrong here but from what I know, most games only see 2 cores, not all 4 so if you're going to be doing a lot of gaming, you might benefit from getting a faster dual core processor and for you in this case you might want to look into an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ which I believe they now have at 3.1ghz or somewhere around there...I know they have them on Newegg. Other than that, this seems like a pretty solid build. Seagate is a great company for hard drives in my experience and good choice of motherboard. I would recommend another 2GB of RAM just because of it being fairly cheap and the performance gain for the price you'll get. The video card....honestly, that was one of my choices that I put up against the Radeon HD 4850 (overclocked) before I just bought my new system (still waiting for the parts in the mail...gonna be here tomorrow!). The only reason that I didn't go with that one is because I'm somewhat of an ATi fanboy and I kind of like the stream processing idea on their new cards, figured I'd give it a shot and it seems to perform well from what I've seen from other people...I say go with that 8800GTS though...OCed and MSI...great combo. Your case is the exact one I just ordered, sitting on my bed here waiting for the rest of my parts coming tomorrow...wonderful looking case, sturdy design, I say go for it.

    Sorry for my somewhat lengthy response, just trying to be helpful / insightful. Hope this helps!

  2. No offense, but I think you've been out of the game a little while based on some of your choices (crossfire board with Nvidia GPU, 1GB RAM, etc...). Is this going to pretty much be a strictly gaming rig? If it is, the Intel Core 2 Duo is currently king of the hill. What resolution are you planning on gaming at? You can get a lot of machine for $2000. Here are some suggestions for a gaming rig that should come in well under that.

    E8400 $170

    X38/X48 chipset motherboard
    or $225

    WD 6400AAKS hard drive $74.99

    Corsair 750TX PSU $104 - $20 MIR

    4GB 2x2 kit of good DDR2 800 RAM $75 - $20 MIR

    4870 1GB GPU $299

    Samsung DVD Burner $26

    Xigmatek CPU cooler & retention bracket $37 $7

    MX-2 thermal paste $7

    64-bit Vista Home Premium to use all 4GB of RAM $100 has a good price on the Antec 900 case $100 shipped

    That comes to a total of $1,225 - $40 MIR and allows for the option of adding another GPU in crossfire later if needed. If you need a new monitor, I would suggest a Samsung 24".

    Edit: Fixed a link
  3. If you game at really high resolutions and have some extra $ burning a hole in your pocket you could step up to the 4870x2.
  4. shortstuff made some good recommendations. Unless you're a big AMD fan the intel system would be faster.

    On your build, get the the 9950 125w BE
    since you picked the 790FX/750SB (good choice for the 9950/9850 with 16x/16x/8x/8x crossfire) or for a cheaper alternative the 790GX/750SB for $130 the Gigabyte 790GX (8x/8x crossfire)
    you'd want to use a ATI graphic card for crossfire. HD4850/HD4870/HD4870x2.
    HD4850 for budget, 2 for great crossfire performance
    HD4870 1 GB

    power supply should be minimum of 550w for crossfired 4850s or a 750w for crossfired 4870s

    just some things to look into and check out reviews and benchmarks.
  5. I really appreciate all the help. And I love lengthy responses, so i can get more info since I'm new to this. I will look into what you all have said, since it makes a lot of since. I'll post my new list of items again when i get them together. Again, thanks a lot.
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