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CD Rom Install


I have a friend that wants to get a new cd rom.
The store was quoting him over $100. I looked on newegg for some internal drives and they are much cheaper.
I assume that ordering one for him and putting it in would be a better deal. Are there certain specs that I need to know before I select a rom drive for him? Or do most computers in general support whatever rom you get?

His computer is a dell inspiron 1520.

Thanks for any info
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    The one thing to check for is what interface type the computer has available. SATA is current and should be used if possible. PATA (ribbon cable) is older, but still fast enough for CD drives. Apart from that, buy one that looks good ($35 would be the most I would pay for what I use) and make sure that it comes with a cable or that you get one for it. Nothing takes the fun out of a build like finding you're one cable short.
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