hmm guys i need some urgent help

I currently have ASUS P5KPL-AM motherboard,

would a Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2 1066 PC2-8500 PC2 8500 work on this. model no.KHX8500AD2/2GR

Please need urgent help because if purchasing i have to purchase quickly....

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  1. Sure, why not?
  2. wouldnt dare be a sure because of the high speed. Because kinsgton site doesnt say that it supports. But my board says it supports 1066 when overclocked. So would it work?????
    thanks alot
  3. Well if your MB says it supports DDR2-1066 RAM and your RAM is rated at DDR2-1066 it *should* work. However, there can always be incompatibilities at these overclocked speeds and voltages.
  4. hmm i see,

    If u were me what would you do, would you purchase 1066 ram or go for 800 ram
  5. I stick to RAM rated at 1.8V-1.9V to avoid problems.
  6. So basically what ur saying is that u'll not purchase the ram. anyways thanks for the advice......
    is there any1 else with any pleasing ideas???????????

    Thanks in advance
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