Gskill pc2 6400 question.

i just did a new build and i have noticed for some reason my gskill pc2 6400 is not reading right. it is reading 5-5-5-15 and it is suppose to be 4-4-4-12. does that mean i have to manually set it in bios?

ga-p45-ud3p mobo
dark knight 1283 hsf
ocz game x stream 700w psu
his radeon hd 4870 1g
gskill pc2 6400 4g(2 sticks)series pi black model f2-6400cl4d-4gbpi-b cas latency says 4

thank you
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  1. You need to select the EPP#1 profile in the BIOS or set the timings manually. It always defaults to JEDEC timings.
  2. thank you for the help. i got it working as it should
  3. When you select EPP#1, the motherboard should also adjust the voltage. That's the purpose of EPP.
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