What's the best value in sata hard drives at the moment?

I have a system that has been completely upgraded except for one thing, my hard drive.

AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE overclocked to 3.6ghz
Asus M3A78-EM mobo
Patriot Extreme Performance 4 x 1gb DDR2 ram
XFX HD Radeon 4870 1gb graphics card

Anyway, my old hard drive is now the weak link on my system. Can anyone suggest a good, high quality, fast hard drive that will boost my system performance?
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  1. both WD & seagate have upto 2TB HDD with 32 mb cache, you can get any one of them(bcz magnetic HDD wont show much dirrerence in performance), if you really need more performance you have to go for SSD(it's cost much & its worth for the money if you seeking performance)
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    The Western Digital Black drives are really nice, so are the new Samsung Spinpoints.
    Just pickup what ever size you need, 1TB or 2TB, these are some nice drives, well worth the money, pretty fast, and lots of room.
  3. Agree on the Samsung Spinpoints: I have 2 500 GB in Raid 0 array for a very fast almost TB of performance. I also have an Intel 80 GB SSD for the OS and current game.
  4. yea try to get 500 gb platter drives 500gb 1tb 1,5 2tb
    wd black seagate Samsung Spinpoint
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