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I'm planning to buy a new i7 system specifically for gaming like Crysis and Supreme Commander. This is what I've been looking at so far:

processor: Intel Core i7 920 Processor LGA1366 2.66GHz 8MB Cache
mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 X58+ICH10R QPI 6.4GT/s DDR3 2000
HD: Seagate SATAII NCQ 500GB 7200RPM 32mb Cache
Graphics: XFX GTX280 280GTX 1GB 602/2210Mhz
Monitor: Acer P244WB 24 wide 2ms Black VGA/Analogue HDMI
CD: Sony AD7200A0B 20X DVD IDE Black
case: Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case- Black NO PSU
Ram: Corsair 6GB (3x XMS3 2GB) PC-10600 (1333MHz) XMP DDR3

What you are looking at there sofar costs AUS$3014. Any critisism?

I still need:

PSU: suggestions?
Cooling System: I'd like to OC etc, suggestions?
Sound Card: will I need this? I was looking at xtremegamer fatal1ty but I've also heard I don't need a sound card. I'll be playing games with good quality headphones so any suggestions?

Also should I get Windows XP 64 bit and wait for Windows 7 (to save $80 from getting vista 64 bit)
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  1. Configuration looks good.

    You might want to add an aftermarket cpu cooler if you plan on overclocking. they are limited for i7 atm so I'm not sure of which one is best. If you can find this adapter, it will let you use a zalman cooler.

    For the PSU I'd look at one that is at least 650 watts from a name brand like antec, pc power and cooling, or corsair.

    Soundcard might help, depends on how much of an audiophile you are.

    I'd just go with Vista home premium 64bit, in the US it's the same price as XP 64 bit
  2. Get a SATA DVD drive.

    Get a full-tower case. Those GTX 280 cards are huge.

    Get a 1000W PSU from Corsair or Silverstone or Thermaltake. That will allow you to add a second video card.

    Try without a sound card first.

    Don't get XP 64, you'll run into driver compatibility issues. Do get Vista 64-bit. Crysis looks better on Vista because Vista has DirectX 10.
  3. are you sure you want to cash out on i7? could spend that money on a core 2 system and two GTX 280's or two 260's or something..
  4. Something like E8400 + 750i motherboard + 2x2GB DDR2-800 + two GTX 260i Core 216, for example?
  5. Can the 300 even fit 2 cards of that size?
  6. dont get an i7 you'll smoke all the core 2's, dont leave them all behind, stay with em lol
  7. For the GTX280, the PC P&C silencer610 would be very good. at $70/ar us$.
    I would consider the 750 at $80 for not much more to preserve your option to implement sli with a second gtx280..

    It would appear that a gtx285 might launch next week, the 55nm version.
    The cards are 10.5" long, and should not be a problem in the Antec 300 case.

    For cooling, I used the thermalright ultra 120 extreme with the 1366 bracket. It works well. Noctua also makes good coolers that will fit.
    A mild oc is trivial; even I could do it.

    I would defer a decision on the sound card, I think onboard HD sound is very good.

    Vista-64 should be the same price as XP, and might be much less if you can get a student discount.
    It will run better and be more stable than XP. More secure too.

    I second the suggestion for a sata dvd drive instead if ide.

    ---good luck---
  8. lol sharken you smartas$.

    I think I will stay with i7. I might be willing to buy more items later this year.

    Having 2 video cards is a bit much don't you think?
    Is Asus Rampage II worth investing in?
  9. having two video cards will give you much more fps than an i7..
  10. V3NOM said:
    having two video cards will give you much more fps than an i7..

    But an i7 will give better performance with two video cards!
  11. I might actually wait for the gtx 295 lol...
  12. gamerk not if they arent bottlenecked! you can't tell me a 4ghz e8400 would bottleneck two GTX 260's
  13. If you use an Oc'd I7 performance in everything from opening porn to running a virus scan will spank the universe, gaming too, dont believe the garbage, you want an i7 you will no be disappointed at all, its an indulgance so dont let the haters lull you into a sense of "its ok buying older crap that cant touch an i7" well you get my point
  14. Hehe I've read a lot already and I'm pretty confident in getting i7 920 at the moment.

    is the asus rampage II worth getting?

    I might get 295 when that comes out and 300 later (2 video cards). will that work?
  15. havent read on the rampage much... 295 would be fun to mess around with too, not sure what your asking about 2 vid cards, I use the Asus P6T deluxe, read alot of glowing reviews so i bought it...
  16. what I mean is I'll buy the parts when the gfx 295 comes out and ill plug a long with that one graphics card... and then in several months time when the next gfx card comes out (300's) ill get that and put that in with the 295. Can it work like that?
  17. if you mean buy a 2nd gtx 295 for around $300 range and add it, sure it will, whats the PSU your gonna get though? Didnt see it listed above, 1 more thing, ditch the IDE Drive get sata
  18. no no ill ditch the idea of getting a 280... wait for the 295 to come out and then ill get that

    so for a few months ill basically whats already listed (with the 295 instead of the 280).... then one day when the gfx 300's come out ill get that.. so ill have a 295 and gfx300 running at the same time.

    i havent decided what psu to get, im finding the right one to get quite confusing actually
  19. which is the best motherboard to buy??
    the evga x58, asus p6t or Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 X58 ..

    or all are the same??
  20. well actually i hear the asus rampage II is better but it is far more costly. I'm wondering if it's worth getting
  21. dont bother with the GTX 295 if u r goin for the next gen when it comes out later this year,

    the GTX 280 is sufficient to cope with what u need for the next 6 months.

    dont waste ur money now and shove in the top if u will be getting better in less than 6 months.

    and no there will not be any possibility to add the GTX300 series with the older series, they designed to run with the same gen cards.
  22. as for the Asus Rampage II,it is a superior board, although the P6T will give u virtually the same abbilities,

    i would recommend the P6T, as the rampage II will give u hardly anything more when overclocking to a small amount, as it is designed for large overclocks and has a slightly better sound card,

    overall the P6T is a spectacular board and should be what u r looking for.
  23. mighty442 said:
    Can the 300 even fit 2 cards of that size?

    I found some Newegg reviewers who did use Antec 300 with a GTX 260 or an 8800GTX. Those are pretty big cards too. Apparently they did have to move some hard drives to make room. I didn't find any with TWO cards, or with a GTX 280. Yeah, I'd pick a larger case. Maybe a NZXT Tempest, or RC-690.
  24. fools.
  25. If I were building a new system today I woudn't invest in an older/dieing platform. (Core2)
  26. I have an older/dieing platform (core 2) and it works just fine on a much cheaper budget. I game and it works for now. Mainboard : Unspecified 939Dual-SATA2
    Chipset : ULI M1695
    Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ @ 2400 MHz
    Physical Memory : 2048 MB
    Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
    Hard Disk : MAXTOR (320 GB)
    DVD-Rom Drive : SONY DVD RW AW-Q170A
    Monitor Type : LCM-19v7 - 19 inches
    Network Card : Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi/ULi) ULi M5263 Fast Ethernet Controller
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
    DirectX : Version 9.0c (September 2009)
  27. His QPI will laugh at your "Buy core2 instead" Idea, then it will kick it in the groin and claim victory.

    the 920 is a beautiful chip and with some aftermarket cooling can easily achieve 4ghz as well. i7 @4gz > core2 @ 4gz. i7 = win.

    It's like trying to beat a Ferrari FXX on a tricycle
  28. Usually having a powerful cpu doesent have a impact on gaming unless the program is made to utilize a cpu(F.E.A.R xp uses cpu). Just be a couple of video cards and your game will be better :bounce:
  29. For the love of Satan, this thread is 5 months old, if he hasn't bought his system yet he never will!
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