ASUS M4A79 Deluxe: no support for HDD LED under SATA?

I just had a new system built with an Asus M4A79 Deluxe mainboard, using 4 WD SATA disks. I'm using a Cooler Master HAF 932 case.

The case has a power LED and a HDD LED.

When the machine is on, both LEDs are on solid all the time.

I checked the wiring, and it looks correct (red wire on + pin).

I've read some posts about SATA controllers not supporting that LED. I've also read posts about secondary controllers needing to be activated in order for the HDD LED to work.

The mainboard manual talks about the 'IDE HDD activity light' - I have no IDE drives in this system. I wonder if that was just sloppy documentation, or if the LED only works off IDE disks.

Any insights are appreciated!

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  1. Double-check your HDD LED connection. The LED isn't affected by the type of hard disks that you install (PATA or SATA).
  2. Well, the connections look right. I double-checked the dox, and tried reversing the leads - but that left the LED off altogether.

    Very strange. I may as well just unplug the thing altogether, for all the good it's doing. But I'd much prefer to have it work as it's supposed to... ;)
  3. You can connect another LED to determine if the issue is with the motherboard or your case.
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