Hwmonitor shows memory @ 1.71 volts

New computer. Running hwmonitor and prime95 to see what the 920 gets to on stock cooler before I upgrade.

I noticed that the memory is running at 1.71 volts. Isn't this too high?

I went with the corsair dominator ram and xmp profile 1 on the evga classified.

Still time to rma the memory if there is better/lower voltage out there. I posted asking this before I bought but didn't get a reply.
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  1. 1.71V is fine for your RAM, usually with 2.0V or less is a good voltage for any RAM memory.
  2. I see youve got the classified?

    Well here is the deal. Many motherboards will over volt the ram a little bit, probably to try to maximize the voltage with an overshoot of VTT. Since you have the classified i would use a multimeter to read the voltage on the designated DIMM voltage readpoint.

    Since you have your VTT so high though it will be fine because as long as you keep a difference of within 0.5v between your VTT and VDIMM you will be fine. I would use 0.4v to be safe though.

    You could actually have your VDIMM up to 1.8 here(to be safe) because you have a high VTT.

    I hope that helps.

    Actually saint, you are wrong. If you are doing extreme overclocking, then you will have your VTT so high that it is still within 0.5v of VDIMM. That is not the case here , he could have it higher though. You should keep the difference between VTT and VDIMM 0.5v, 0.4v to be safer.
  3. Ok, great. I would have hated to rma the ram and be without my new computer for a few days waiting for the new stuff. I just thought the i7 required 1.65 or less or it would harm the on-chip memory controller.

    I'm installing a h50 in the next few days when I have time. After that I will play with overclocking the cpu a bit.
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