Shuttering when overclocking XFX 5850 Black

Hello all,
I get significant shuttering when overclocking my video card then playing Crysis. I upped the volts and put everything to generous levels basing my overclocks on my website and users common overclock levels. I will provide a few that I have found.
--1.18v 900*1150
--Here’s the result of their overclocking:

* HD 5850 (Stock) = 725MHz Core / 1000MHz RAM
* HD 5850 (OC) = 800MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
* HD 5850 (OC+1.15V) = 875MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
* HD 5850 (OC+1.225V) = 925MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
I have used these values for my overclock attempts and even upped voltage to make sure everything is fine... and still run into shuttering/almost freezing screens. Keep in mind this is the top of the line 5850 card so it should be the most 'overclockable' variety correct?

Anything above 800/1125 will shutter/throttle the system. I hope/fear it is my power supply because I am generously applying voltage to all other components. Otherwise I could be another issue I have not considered.
Using ATI Tools + MSI Afterburner for OC'ing.

E8400 (E0) @ 3.6 on 1.275v (Temps are fine with my Sunbeam Core Contact Cooler, I think)
GSkill Pi Black 800 @ 840 on 1.9v
XFX Black 5850 @ 800/1125 on 1.2v (under 70 C)
OCZ stealthxstream 600 watt with four 18A rails (here is linky for reference)
3 7200 hard drive + combo drive.

Also I only got 17300 on 3dmark2006... isnt that kinda low for a system like this?
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  1. Hi monsterman,

    1. Your 3dmark 06 score was fine.

    2. Just because it is a "black" edition video card it doesn't mean it will have a larger overclocking headroom...they just pick the best GPUs that can be overclocked and push them to the speed that you see. Doesn't necessarily mean that if you can get a 400mhz increase on a regular 5850 that you can get a 400 mhz increase on this 5850.

    3.Sounds like you just lost the lottery here man, not all of them can be overclocked. I would suggest flashing to the asus or MSI bios to see if that may help you overclock though.

    The msi bios can be found in this thread:

    Have you tried backing off your CPU overclock and then overclocking your GPU?
  2. I have not tried backing off the cpu overclock. I will give that a try tonight. I will also look into flashing the bios via asus.
  3. I have since toned down the clocking on both the cpu and the video card. I have grown tired of the trial and error bs that occurs when overclocking. I will resume this thread if future overclocking needs deem it necessary.
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