Found a Core 2 Duo CPU that will work with Socket 478 am I wrong?

I have an old Dell dimension that only supports 2.4GHz, that's how much the cpu has, the Dell dimension has a socket 478 and that's what the processor supports. People always say there are no new processors that has socket 478 but I found a bunch. Am I wrong?

The way I see it this should work just fine. Am I wrong? Explain please
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  1. That's a mobile part-- actually socket 479, not 478. I don't think you will find success.
  2. mmm... it wont work but if you willing to spend 320$ you should just build a cheap AMD PC which would be a lot better...
  3. Well Worded "Cheap AMD PC"
  4. if it is a 478 socket i still think the mobo won't accept it without a bios update and I don't beleve dell would have any kind of update that will make a core2 work in your PC

    a cheap AMD PC would be best but if your still wanting to use that computer you can try to find some Pentium D chips around but still it depends what CPU's are going to work with that mobo
  5. Just to clear this up, a socket 478 mobo won't work with newer LGA775 Chips (Pentium 4 5xx, 6xx, EE, Pentium D, Core based). They are physically a different chip. With prices so low it's hard to pass up a good deal on core2 based stuff.

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