Need mobo to go with q6600 and 9800gtx

Hey there, I'm buying Q6600 and Nvidia 9800GTX as a present for my cousin(lucky bastard) and I need a mobo to go with it. Something around $100 would b perfect unless I'm being unrealistic about the price. Nothing fancy, no SLI, something that's quality made, it doesn't have to b the "newest" thing.
I know there's no "one" best mobo out there, but if u recommend few I will go and read about them and pick one I'm most comfortable with.
ty in advance
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  1. Q8200 is cheaper, faster, and runs cooler. HD4850 is cheaper for same performance as 9800GTX+.

    For the mobo I'd suggest Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R for $105AR.
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