Best of 3 500 GB Hard drives?

There's several hard drives available for $55-56 on newegg and I was just wondering what would be the best one? Click here for the full list and sort by price.

3 stand out to me.

WD Caviar green
WD Caviar Blue
Seagate Barracuda

So there's a WD Green which has 32mb, But its considered WD's low end power saving harddrives.
The blue which is considered the middle class of harddrives, but oddly it only had 16mb cache,where the green has 32mb.
Then there's the Seagate barracuda also 16mb.

I know cache doesn't mean much, but I found it interesting that the Green version has more cache then the supposely better blue edition.

has anyone seen any benchmarks?
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  1. If its for data storage id say the WD Green, if its for OS or intensive work then the Seagate or WD Blue would be good, personally id chace WD but theres nothing wrong with the Seagate, and one should never rely on any one device for storage of important data etc.
  2. Go with WD Green, very fast and energy effecient.

    Or just add a few extra bucks and go for the better of them all, WD Black
  3. Mine I like WD Black or Blue for OS. For storage I recommend green or Seagate Barracuda. Its not really personal but I few problems with seagate but I have known lots of people who use it without problems. WD for OS 320 or 500Gb. For storage 1Tb or 2Tb.
  4. Unfortunately not sold on newwegg, I bought 2 of these for that price:

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB (HD502HJ)

    As for benchmarks, try Passmark:
  5. Haven't had problems with my 2 500GB Seagate 7200.12's for months.

    Though the WD Black is much more balanced and better drive than the 7200.12 or Blue.

    The WD Green's are much better for storage or 24/7 torrent boxes, where loading performance is not much of a concern.

    * Maybe get whichever is cheaper?
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