What happened to my dye?? WC loop

So i've had my water cooling loop for about 3 months now. I put dye in the water to make it a nice red color and now 3 months later I have clear water and pink tubing!

Has anybody else had this problem? I don't i'll be using dyes again... I also read somewhere that the dye can clog up blocks? Is this true?

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  1. HAHA,

    Yeah man, those dyes have all kinds of problems. Next time go for a more reputable brand.
    To change the color to whatever you want follow this guide:
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    Or buy colored tubing, UV if you want.

    Dyes seperate and stick to stuff. Some just dissapear. They really like the teeny pins inside a CPU block.

    Most watercoolers who do this stuff a lot use distilled water and a biocide. Colored tubing and LEDs for color if they want color.

    Dyes usually cause issues more than not.

    Why we use distilled water. Or de-ionized in the UK because distilled ain’t available unless your rich.
  3. Yea, I don't think i'll ever use a dye in a loop ever again! I bought Primochill pure, don't really know the quality of the stuff but won't use it again (at least the dye).

    How about diluted (automotive) anitfreeze and distilled water? I heard 10% antifreeze is good.
  4. Antifreeze doesn't cool anything. It's only for anti-corrosive properties or the sub zero liquid cooler folks. tests have been run and antifreeze in even a 10% solution is worse temps than distilled water.

    You have nothing in your loop that is a dissimilar metal issue, so you don't need it.

    Distilled water, a few drops of Petras PHN nuke or an ianh Silver KillCoil. Thats it.
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