Onboard sound doesn't work after ram upgrade

I built my own computer with a Biostar P4M890-M7 TE motherboard, Intel Pentium D 940 3.2Ghz cpu, and CRUCIAL 1024MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHZ ram. It comes with the realtek hi def audio drivers on the cd. I have never had problems with the sond until now. I wanted to add another 2 gb of ram because my computer supports up to 4 gb. after installing it works fine but neither ubuntu 8.10 or windows xp pro sp3 can find my onboard sound card. i reinstalled all drivers and looked in all the hardware lists generated in ubuntu terminal but it's as if the sound card just disappeared. If i remove the extra ram the sound card returns. Does anyone know how i can fix this because i would like to use the extra ram and sound card at the same time.


Update: the problem is the second ram slot because it works if i put the two gig in the first slot and leave the 1 gig out. It doesn't work if i just switch them it seems there cannot be ram in the second slot.
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  1. Increase the Northbridge voltage and maybe the RAM voltage also.
    The problem is the number of chips used.
  2. thanks it appears to work now
  3. Hi there,
    Got the same problem yesterday, with exactly the same motherboard. Did your sound card mysteriously reappeared after you put your 2Gig RAM in the first slot and left the second one empty?
  4. HI again,

    I just took away the original RAM in the 1st slot, put the new 2gig RAM in the slot, leaving the 2nd one empty, and the sound card reappears and functions normally. It seems the second RAM slot is the problem, is there any particular way of fixing this?
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