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$430, and it actually does look longer than the 4870X2. Its also lacking the "back support plate" that the 4870X2 has which is even more odd. Also there seems to be some play at the back there with that mosfet heatsink? Strange card....
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  1. They need to drop this pup to $399 soon, crazy thing is considering the fact that two HD 4850 1GB are $200 each, the price is not as crazy as we thought, since this card can make use of that much memory. Anyway, right now it's just okay, if it dropped in price a little it'd be an Emp-certified purchase :P
  2. Yea, its just too expensive. However we have seen in some of those benchmarks that it even beats the 4870X2 sometimes, as shady as they may be. Could it just really be that good? Hince the "premium-premium" price tag? Im wondering if they learned a thing or two from the 4870X2 and improved on them with this, such as crossfire scaling.
  3. Price should drop to $399.99
  4. 429?????

    the 280 GTX is 375.99 ...and the 4850 X2 is generally under the 4850 X2:( COme on ATI!!!!!!!

    If the 4870 X2 was 429.... that would be orgasmic:D
  5. i believe they once had the 4870x2 for 419$ at bestbuy!
  6. invisk does the 9600 GSO really work as a physx?
  7. emp said:
    They need to drop this pup to $399 soon, crazy thing is considering the fact that two HD 4850 1GB are $200 each, the price is not as crazy as we thought, since this card can make use of that much memory.

    Yes, but they can reasonably charge a small premium on dual GPU cards for those of us who don't have Crossfire motherboards. An extra $30 isn't that bad. I bought the 3870x2 for $450 on the day it was released. The 4850x2 is about a hundred less than the 4870x2, so it's positioned reasonably.

    Has anyone considered that the 4870 1 gig is a bit underpriced for it's performance? It's such a good deal at $299 that it makes the dual cards look expensive. The same thing's true for the 4850 at $199.

    Since one 4850's as fast as my card, this would be a reasonable upgrade -- except I'm waiting to see what ATI comes up with in June 2009.

    What happened to my sig? Well here it is:

    Phenom 8750. GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H. 2 gigs Kingston DDR2 800, MSI 3870x2, Antec Nine Hundred, Antec Neo 650 and 3 old legacy hard drives, 2 SATA and one IDE on a PCI IDE card with a used 17" Dell monitor.
  8. Difference between $400-$430 is negligible really, the drop would have to be all the way down to say $380 for it to mean something. However yipsl does have a point with the $300 4870 1GB and its performance, putting the 4850X2 any closer will make that 4870 a "pointless" buy.
  9. says you need a 650 watt psu minimum. I think my pc power 610 would run it.
    Hey if you buy two you can get em for 419, whadda bahgin!
  10. Wattage is second to amps...within reason. If you got the amps on the 12v for it, then id say it will work as long as you dont have like 3 DVD drives and 4 HDs. My 580W Mushkin owned two 4850's in Crossfire at 100% load on both for the 2 hours of testing I did on them before selling them. 4 12v rails with 20A each.
  11. Should be fine (as long as you're not running a q6600@4+GHZ with a peltier cooler and 12 hard drives and a massive case with 12 fans).
  12. Oh, and Newegg has the core clock listed wrong. It should be 625 MHz (Sapphire's website has the correct clock).
  13. Well, it just came out, so I'm not surprised since people will buy it and price won't drop until supply increases to meet its demand. For now, people who want 4 way crossfire a little cheaper, or who only have one PCI-E slot, this card represents a good buy for them. I also think that where the prices of the 4870 and the 4870X2 cards are this pricing makes sense. I think it's about time for AMD to enable the Sideband feature on the X2 cards in order to give an incentive to purchase the 4850X2 over two 4850s.
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