Problem with Gigabyte P35-DS4


Recently i upgreaded my pc with new graphic card and psu.
Before i had Radeon 4630 with xilence power 450W
Now i have R4870 with OCZ Modxstream 600W.
After that change i cant OC my old CPU (Core2 Duo E6300 1,86GHz).
I had it OCd only to 2.3GHz... but now even after 10MHz change i have a reboot.

I cant say if that is graphics or psu cos i already dont have the old ones
Strane thing is... after i updated my bios i have bigger problems:
after i powerd on my pc safety catches went off in my flat.
After i reversed back to old bioss its ok now... but i have to use cable extender (you know the one for pc with switch on it).

I took this new PSU to support and they said its ok and that thye have no problems with it.

If you could tell me potential couses for this problem and alos
if its possible could you give me bios settings i can use to properly OC.

Soon ill be changing my platform for Core i5 (graphic card and this psu are supposed to be in it) and i hope i wont have problems there.

Thx in advance and sorry for my english... its not my 1st language.
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  1. You might have to reset your motherboard, then work slowly towards your old settings.
  2. What kind of motherboard?
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