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Okay so heres my set-up:
mobo is abit-kn8
CpU: AMD athlon 64 3200+ oc'ed to 2.GHz
bios is pheonix award bios v.6
nvidia geforce 7100 GS
stock heatsink

Does anybody know any good configurations to get it say to 2.5-2.6 ghz with the stock heatsink?
or anyone in general that would make it more stable, right now i can run a stress test on it for as long as i want and the cpu temp will not go above 55 degrees.
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  1. You forgot the number after the decimal in "2.GHz" lol.

    I had an Nvidia 8200M asus board a while back with that CPU. I was able to increase the FSB alone and get it to 2.6GHz... I think it was unstable and I had to lower it to 2.5GHz or something. So my FSB was at 250 and my ram (a pair of mushkin silver) was at 1000. I didn't need to apply more voltage at all either. I was using a stock cooler.

    Can you adjust the North Bridge multiplier or the ram multiplier? What are your current settings for your overclock right now?
  2. yeah i can adjust the ram multiplier, and actually just today i turned it on after gaming last night, and my psu is burnt out. need to get a new one.

    i used all of the default voltage minus a 2%+ on the HT.
    FSB was at 242 mhz
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