550 Watt Enough for Quad

I have been using a core2duo e4300 overclocked for 2 years and have come across a q6600 core2quad. I want to overclock the q6600, but will my 550 watt power supply be enough? I have 3 HDs, 4gigs ram, and 9600gt
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  1. Let this "do the math" 4 you
  2. I'm running a phenom II x4 b45 and a gtx260 fine on a ocz z series 550watt
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    Based on measurements, overclocking my Q6600 to 3.6 GHz increased 12 volt current drain from 8 amps (stock) to 9.5 amps - about 20 watts. That's relatively insignifcant when compared total power consumption.
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