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I have built a new computer with 3 SATA HDD's. I have my system on one drive and a Ghost 2003 image on another drive. I am planning to covert my system a SSD. I am running Windows XP and I am not sure what I need to do. How do I prepair the SSD for install? Can I prepair the SSD, then Ghost the image from my Ghost drive to the SSD?
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  1. You should be alright with that plan, as an SSD is essentially the same thing as a mechanical drive to the computer, but with obvious differences. Keep an eye out though for some drives, as they may not get along with Windows XP (i.e. read a few reviews just to make sure before you buy the drive).
  2. I have read that the SSD partitions have to be aligned because XP won't do it right.
  3. I have been told that with Intel drives it isn't needed.
  4. WilliamP said:
    I have been told that with Intel drives it isn't needed.

    Where did you hear this? I do not think this is correct. I am relatively new to SSDs but I'm pretty sure that any XP partition will need to be aligned when transfered to an SSD. Something about the number of sectors at the beginning of the partition not matching up with a whole block on the SSD causing everything else to be misaligned.

    Not to hijack the thread, but I'm looking through a bunch of SSD related threads right now to see if/how I can transfer a Win7 partition to an SSD...

  5. If you use Windows 7 to create the partition then the logical sectors will be aligned with the physical sectors.

    I've done that previously before installing Windows XP on one of my SSDs. As long as you don't delete that partition within Windows XP and create a new one it will remain aligned. If you need to reinstall Windows XP in that partition just reformat it, don't delete and recreate the partition or it will be misaligned.

    I have also used the Paragon Alignment Tool v3.0 to align a Windows XP partition on an SSD that had its partition created by Windows XP during its initial install. The Windows XP created partition was definitely misaligned.
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