CPU bottlenecking my OC'd HD4870? please help!

Hey all.
I have a concern regarding me gaming PC. I have recently purchased a expertvision Radeon HD4870 sonic Dual edition video card so that i could run my games at decent settings, but take COD4 for example, i have to put most of the settings on medium/high at 1024x768 to get just 20-60 FPS when playing online (this is in an outside enviroment. Inside a building i get much higher FPS e.g 80+)
I was hoping to be able to have all settings on max at 1650x1080.

I dont know all that much about computers, but im wondering if my CPU is holding my performance back.
I have a intel pentium D 950(i think) 2x3.40ghz at 800Mhz FSB.
2x2Gigs of OCZ 1066mhz at 5-5-5-15
Asus P5KC mobo
CoolerMaster Realpower 700W modular PSU
160GB maxtor SATA 2 harddrive

I have noticed a big performance increase over my old ATI x1600XT
Old 3Dmark06 score(with x1600xt) 2400 lol.
New 3Dmark06 score (with OC'd 4870) 7500 Better, but not Good

If the CPU is the problem, Do you think a Intel core 2 duo E8400 or a Q6600 would solve this?

Can anyone help me please, is it my CPU? Thanks in advance for any advice or tips.
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  1. Its your CPU bottle necking ALOT!
  2. goddam! get the E8400 fast! that CPU u have is ancient! lol
  3. LOL - yeah...a p4 would not do that modern GPU justice. You probably need to upgrade the whole system (Mobo, CPU, and keep that GPU).
  4. def upgrade that processor
    My recommendation is to go with a e7_00 processor and overclock it to better then e8_00 results, get a "just what you need" Gigabyte or ASUS mboard and be done with it all. If you plan on playing some serious newer releasing coming up then the e8_00 cpu would be a wise choice because they have better stepping for overclocking well into the 4GHz range, again though, inexpensive motherboard is best. Don't blow your cash on something you won't use, like 2x PCIe 16x slots, 2x gigabit ethernet, DDR3, etc.
  5. The E5200 is even cheaper than the E7200, but it has 2MB of cache instead of 3MB. According to the Asus site your motherboard looks like it should support the latest CPUs but you should probably update your BIOS before upgrading your CPU. Either CPU will give you a sizable performance increase without breaking the bank.

  6. Ok thanks guys for all your advice, i think ill go for the E8400.
    Hopefully then i will see some desent frame rates =]. i dont think i need to upgrade my mobo, it supports DDR2/DDR3 and has a FSB of 1333mhz or 1600mhz (i cant quite remember lol).
    My friend is going to buy my pentuim for 30 pounds (about 60 USD). and buy my old x1600xt ....i dnt quite know why he wants pc parts that are older than me >.<
    One last thing, can anyone suggest a good aftermarket CPU cooler for when i get my E8400?
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233003

    it cools my e8400 "C0" OC @ 4.2 29 idle and 54 load. I highly recommend it.
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