How does this system look? Need reassurance before ordering.

I am looking to buy a new high performance desktop (budget: up to $2000) so I am getting on customized from avadirect. Building one myself is NOT an option because I am computer illiterate when to comes to the hardware aspect of a computer. So I was hoping someone here could help me. These are the main things I do everyday:

-Word processing (Word, Excel,etc)
-Listen to music/watch videos, etc
-CD/DVD burning.
-Graphic design stuff (photoshop, etc)
-Audio/video editing and converting.

-I might do some light gaming sometimes but never nothing heavy.

Those are basically the daily tasks I use my computer for. I do a lot of multi-tasking so I need something that runs fast and doesn't get bogged down like my old computer.

This is the one I am customizing and here are the upgrades I've done so far. If anyone sees any compatibility issues or anything wrong, please let me know because honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing lol.
Tower Case: Does this matter? Isn't it just personal taste? I allowed for an $100 upgrade in my budget, though.
Power Supplies: Corsair 550VX
Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro
Processor: Intel Q9550 Quad-Core
Cooler: No upgrade.
Memory: Kingston 8GB HyperX
Video Card: EVGA 9800 GTX+SSC
Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black
Storage Subsystem: RAID, No RAID, Independent HDD Drives
DVD-RW Drive: Pioneer Blu-Ray
And I don't think I really need to upgrade the network card or modem. I already have a nice LCD monitor and keybooard and mouse. I'm not sure if I need to upgrade the Sound Card. I do listen to a lot of music.

The cost as of now is $1840 (that includes $100 to tower case and $230 for Vista Ultimate 64-bit). Is this a good system for my needs? Do you see any problems with anything? Or have any suggestions?
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  1. Do you really need Vista Ultimate? You said you didn't know the hardware side very well. Do you have the option of installing your own OS? If you do and don't need Ultimate you can get 64-bit Vista Home Premium for $100.

    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit English for System Builders 1pk DSP OEI DVD - OEM $99.99

    Even if you have avadirect install the OS, you might want to check out Home Premium to save some $.

    Here's a link that compares the different versions of Vista:
  2. That's a pretty powerful rig for not gaming at all. If you've got that kind of money, it looks good. My guess is you could do just fine with even less on the hardware side.

    +1 to the Vista suggestion. Very few actually use the extra features of Ultimate - Home Premium should be just fine.
  3. You could definitely save money by going with a less capable graphics card. Your system would probably also run cooler and quieter and would draw less power. For not playing games an HD 4670 or a 9600GT should be plenty.

  4. I'd go for the 3850 instead of the 9800gtx, so you can use a cheaper power supply. I recommend the antec 650 watt on sale at Fry's for $55, or the sonata III case with 500w power supply which can frequently be found for less than $100.
  5. the tower case does matter.

    both in aesthetically pleasing looking to your personal preferences and also because it serves as an important overall system cooling system :P

    airflow is important in your case as air needs to circulate and the hot air needs to be taken out in the rear.

    what are your options for the computer case, list it here and we can help you pick out a case.
  6. If you aren't committed to buying from avadirect, you might want to try somewhere else. Try out The site is still under construction and they don't have a lot of configurations listed, but they have a 1-800 number where you can call and talk to an actual person. Call them and tell them what you're looking for at what price range and let them configure something for you. You will probably end up with a better machine for your money that way.
  7. Thank you so much for all the suggestions and help! I'm still trying to process everything and pick out just the right system for my needs. There is just so many different options, it gets confusing.

    -I don't know if I really need Vista Ultimate. But I heard Premium has a lot of limitations? Maybe it's not true though? And I have to pay the $230 to get it pre-installed because that isn't really something I know how to do lol.

    -As for the cases, most of them are ugly and look kinda cheap but the ones I like within my price range are:
    -Antec Nine Hundred
    -Antec Performance One P82
    -Chieftec Giga GX01
    -Corsair 550VX
    -Coolermaster Mystique 631
    -Lian Li PC8B
    -NZXT Adamas Black
    -Rosewill R5604
    -Silverstone Timjen TJ04
    -SunbeamTech TTuniq Syemmtry 1
    -ThermalTake V9
    -Xion Hydralic Blac
    -Zalman GS1000 (like this one the best but its also the most expensive)
  8. I need to order this by Monday. So if I could get a few more comment/suggestions before then, that'd be great.

    And somebody said that the case DOES matter so I listed my choices above if anyone can help me pick one out. Thanks!
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