A disk read error occurred

My computer was shut down by an electricity cut while i was using Firefox. After that it was able to boot but when I click on firefox the computer freezes and restarts by itself, then it gives this error: "A disk read error occurred, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". Then i have to close the computer and open it so that it will get in XP correctly again.

I have 2 partitions on the only SATA drive I have.

I ran a CHKDSK D: /R under "safe mode with prompt line" and found no error. Then I ran a CHKDSK C: /R ... when it reaches the end(I am not sure if it did end or not) it reboots by itself again. Then the "a disk error occurred" message appears again. This time closing the computer and opening it doesn't make it go away. I am no longer able to get in XP.

Can anyone help me with this, please?

Sorry about my English.


I have put the hard-drive in an exposure and tested it on another computer. Turns out there is a bad sector on it. The XP recognizes one partition which was the D drive. The C drive was gone.

I ran some data recovery software and they retrieved some files. Unfortunately I need some files that were on the desktop. Is there a way to retrieve those files?
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  1. It is acting like the HDD could have been damaged by either the sudden power cut off or a power surge when the power came back. Usually if you have a high performance profile (write cacheing off) selected for an HDD and the power is suddenly cut, it can damage it. If you can get it into an external enclosure, you can maybe test it more effectively and at worse, get the files you need off of it.
  2. Hello buwish,
    Thanks for your advice. I will look for a external enclosure. Could you recommend some software that I should use to test the drive and retrieve the data?
    I have some files on my desktop that I'd like to retrieve, and since i needed to type in passwords to get in XP, I guess those files are encrypted. is there a way to bypass that?
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