Asus P5B SE overclocking q6600 quad

Does anyone have this mobo?

The bios it shipped with only gives the option for overclock profiles of 5,10,15,and 20% on the processor.

Ive set it to 20% before but didnt notice much of an improvement on benchmarks so set it back to standard.

Now if I pick 10% or more and save bios it posts that overclock failed and resets it back to previous setting.

I dont know if a newer bios flash will give me more overclocking options or not???

I would like to get a nice aftermarket cpu cooler and get the processors cores running @ or close to 3ghz per core.

I found an overclocking guide for the p5b deluxe but cantfind any info for the p5bse that i have.

I plan on getting an ATI 5870 vid card but want to make sure my cpu isnt a bottleneck.

Also running 4 bg of supertalent pc2-6400u ddr2-800 @

will this ram be ok or should i upgrade?

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  1. Yeah - after a little playing around I found I am able to set cpu frequency but not voltage.

    My ram was running at 533mhz timings

    I set it to 800mhz

    I then tried a 30% OC profile just to se if it would run but I wasnt going to keep it at 30% for long due to stock cooling....
    but windows blue screened...

    I backed the OC profile down to 20% and it seems to be running fine.

    sandra lite says vcore voltage is 1.325v
    Also says front side bus speed 4x 320mhz
    I went from 2.4ghz to 2.88ghz.

    Do u think this will be ok with stock cooler?

    I will have to run a benchamark and monitor temps i guess.

    Now was i supposed to manually set ram speed to 800mhz
    or leave it set to auto since I increased cpu speed?

    I thought they increased together or am I wrong?
  2. cpu-z says my dram frequency is now 480 mhz ??
  3. With a 320 MHz FSB, your memory clock in the BIOS should the 640 MHz for a 1:1 ratio.
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