Not enogh power for my graphics card ???

I've just bought all the parts for a new system. I have an Asus P5QP4 motherboard, a Core2Duo 7200 series 2.53ghz processor, 2 gigs of kingston RAM, a Saphire 4850 graphics card, floppy drive, DVD burner (IDE) and 2 500 gig Seagate Barracuda HDs. all of this is powered by an Antec 550 watt TruePower550 Trio power supply. I get all the leds on both the mothe board and graphics card (yes I've plugged in the power for the PCIe directly from ther PSU). However, when I turn the power on , the baord seems to startup, the cpu fan turns on as other fans, but the graphics card one. So looks like the graphics card is not starting up properly... Could it be that I'm running low on amperage as some one suggested ? Should I simply get a bigger PSU such as a 700 watt ? Or is the problem elsewhere ?
Any advice is welcome !
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  1. Do you have the PCI-E power hooked up on the video card?

    I know its a dumb question, but hey!
  2. do you have your power plug in to card?
  3. Yes I do as I stated in my post. There is only one connector that works for the PCIe with this PSU so it is plugged into the card.
  4. Have you tried to use the moldex to PCIe adapter an run it off another rail?

    Take out the Video card and you sould get beep code of Video failure

    Of not

    If you have a floppy drive unplug the floppy or check the data cable see if it is pluged in backwards.

    If that does not work. Reset the CMOS ( unplug the power supply, remove the battery and change the jumper). Let it sit for about 20 mins, then put back together and try to boot up.

    If still nothing, take out the RAM, you should get beep codes. If you do not get beep codes it could be a power problem.
  5. I've tried the moldex adapter using different rails and when I use it, the computer will not power on. The led on the graphics card doesn't turn on.
    Since I'm not next to the computer I'll have to try all of this tonight. Also, note that the issue seems to be not enough power to the graphics card and not the main board.
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