Bsod driver_irql_not_less_or_equal?

I didn't know where to post this but since i got a new cpu ill post it in here, ive been getting this error when i play games and i have a file i want to attach its the dmp file but i don't know if im allowed? Anyone able to help?

Installed a AMD Athlonx2 7750 in place of a Phenom 9500 for the moment being i never got this problem before hand. I had to reinstall all my drivers for anything to work as well, i had a crash earlier today it was a flash driver?
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  1. reinstall drivers is what usually fixes it

    type BSOD irql.... into google and you'll get a ton of responses back

    usually just remember what the BSOD said and then type it into google and you can get help in less than a minute...

    +1 for google :)
  2. Yeah it was/wasnt a driver? It was rivatuner some how. It interfeared with drivers?
  3. Either a driver issue, or bad RAM. Run Memtest86 just to rule out the RAM first.
  4. Solved already.
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