Installing X-Fi Titanium fatality creates multiples winxp problems


My problem is that if my PC doesnt have any soundcards installed it works fine : all games work perfectly and I receive no windows error message on startup.

When I insert the X-fi titanium in the pci-e 1x slot on boot I get multiples error messages from windows about : graphic card drivers, usb ports, corruption errors and possible BIOS problems.

Recently my former powersupply was diagnosed as defect and replaced it with a 500watt. I have a gutt feeling that my motherboard is kinda corrupt but I have no proof.

With the X-fi plugged in I have tried the mersennes test and prime95 with large/small FFT for 12 hours for each of the 3 tests without any problems. When I try to benchmark my graphic card with either 3dMark06, Furmark or ATI tool (with the "scan for artifact" command) my x1950 pro doesn't last more than 3 minutes and the pc reboots. Any games (from simcity 3000 to COD4) I try to launch causes reboots in 1 to 2 seconds when the game is finished loading.

When I remove the X-fi (there are no active sound card) I can do any graphic benchmark and all games work fine (except cod4 who is known for not working without a mic plugged in).

I have tried looking for a diagnostic tool for the pci-e 1x slot or for the x-fi but didn't find any.

What should I do now ?

system specs :

Asus p5b deluxe (bios version 1236)
Asus x1950 pro (latest drivers)
4 gig ram ocz 800mhz DDR2
X-fi titanium fatality
windows xp sp3 (all windows update installed)
2* Seagate barracuda (320 & 500 gigs) 7200 rpm
X-Supply 500 watt powersupply
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  1. Can you try the X-Fi in another computer?
    If you still have problems, it may be the card.
  2. I have found what was wrong. When the X-fi was installed so was the onboard sound card. I think they were both fighting for control and caused instability. I disabled the onboard in the control panel -- System -- Device manager and now things are OK.
  3. I was thinking it was a power issue; at 500 watts, your system might not have had the power for both onboard and the X-fi at the same time...
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