Best Video Card for $50 on the Market??

I have a $50 budget and I need a video card for a new build. This will not be a gaming rig, but I may play a game occasionally in the future. I need a card that supports dual monitors?? Any thoughts on what I should get or any deals to look at?
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  1. Sorry, I am using a Biostar TP55 and the Intel I7-860 as the core of my new build.
  2. Hands down the 9500 gt. Actually it is just about the only one the supports 2 monitors in your price range.
    MIR right now makes it $35
  3. or with a bit more cash you can get a tad faster 9600 gso.

    from nvidia:

    and from the red team (ati)
    a 4550 with hdmi output might do the job:

    (P.D. Im a neutral fanboy )
  4. Any others I should consider guys? The 9600 Seems like a good deal, other thoughts>?
  5. 1. Overshocked is wrong about multimonitor. Most cards will do that in this price range--this one just has 2 hard jacks.

    2. The 9600 GSO is a very good deal for $60. Its kind of an old card though--not fantastically energy efficient or cool. Similar to it in performance, but newer is the 4670 for $65ish.+shipping

    4. However if you really wanted to stay in the $50 range I would chose an ATI 4650. While that 9500 is a good deal at $40ish after shipping too, its not quite as good of a card as the 4650.

    Other thoughts:
    What resolution are you running at? What are you doing with it? What PSU did you buy? These questions will help the decision..

    Tom's Guide:,2521-2.html
  6. I have a Biostar TP55 mainboard and I7-860 Processor with a 700W OCZ Power Supply. I am building a machine for myself, I don't game much anymore, but I may on occasion pick up a game. Mostly it will by my desktop PC, and I do a good bit of photo editing, etc...
  7. Ah.. I just have trouble imagining putting such a cheap card in such a sweet machine lol. I would say most graphics experts (why aren't we in the graphics card section?) consider the 4670 to be the minimal gaming card available. The ddr2 on the lower models slows them down a bit.

    I didn't notice your plan for dual monitors previously. If you are doing this with newer monitors looking for dual DVI jacks is probably smart. I suggested a few cards with only 1.

    Edit: If you are serious about editing CS4 has GPU support--it should help the program.
    And if you are planning to game with both monitors... then you should probably be spending more on your graphics...
  8. Outside of your price suggestion I know--but this is a very good deal and would handle gaming on both monitors.


    Or slightly cheaper 9800GT in the 90s.
  9. I am spending more on the other components right now, so I can continue to upgrade things in the future. Video is not a high priority right now, b/c I am not gaming on anything but the PS3. On a 110' projection screen, it is hard to argue with. I just need something in there that is effective for the next year or so, and then if I need anything else I can upgrade and not feel bad.
  10. I may go with the 9600 GSO for the money it seems to be the best value in the group and scored well here:

    Any last thoughts before I bite the bullet and order from New Egg?
  11. For an additional $15 over your budget, you can get this card w/ 1 gb of memory. When you use dual monitors, the card splits the memory between the two. Having 1gb will mean your card give you great performance on both monitors, plus you'll be able to use maximum resolution settings. You won't regret that extra $$, I promise you. I have the XFX 4870 1GB and I absolutely love it!

    XFX HD-465X-ZDF2 Radeon HD 4650 1GB
  12. Yea-- do it. Its a particularly good choice if you aren't keeping it for too long.
  13. What about this MSI Geforce GT 240 for $60? Which one should I go with?
  14. Due to your $50 budget, as well as current pricing, I would with the following:

    GIGABYTE GV-N220OC-1GI GeForce GT 220 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail
    DDR3 Memory + Overclocked at 720MHz

    1. After the mail-in rebate, it will be $50.
    2. On average, it is a tad bit faster than the ATI 4650 and a tad bit slower than the ATI 4670.
    3. Support for DX 10.1.
    4. DDR3 memory (versus DDR2/GDDR2)
    5. Has a native HDMI out.

    Disclaimer: I would have picked a 4650/4670 like many other users. However, for this price... and your upgrade plan... this card will probably be better for you. (And, since this card is "new tech," you may be able to resell it once you upgrade.)
  15. jeguzik said:
    What about this MSI Geforce GT 240 for $60? Which one should I go with?

    That is a very good deal if you actually get the rebate. The GT 240 GDDR5 is more powerful than the 9600 GSO or 4670. The cheapest of that model on newegg is $68.
    (prices have recently dropped--thats why its not on the tom's list--its between the 9800GT and the 9600GT in power)

    1 gb of ram and 2 dvi would be nice in a card-but it will work fine dual monitor without and this will give you much better gaming performance on one monitor, and very good non-gaming performance on both.
  16. And, as for the 240 with 512 MB of ram or the 220 with 1 GB of ram, I would go with the 220 with 1 GB of ram due to you wanting to run two monitors.
  17. Terr281 has a good deal too. Its a bit slower that the 240, but newegg is a more familiar retailer.
  18. terr281 said:
    And, as for the 240 with 512 MB of ram or the 220 with 1 GB of ram, I would go with the 220 with 1 GB of ram due to you wanting to run two monitors.

    I think our comments more or less sum up your decision here. Either would run your average dual monitor stuff just fine without hiccups.

    The ram would help a little when running both monitors with video or low intensity games/medium intensity use.
    The faster card would be better if you wanted the ability to max out a first person shooter or graphic intensive game on one monitor.
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