Always been do companies know a product was overclocked

My friend Sent in his BFG 260 GTX 9800 GX2 for the trade up program to grab a 280 GTX. How would the company kno that the video card was overclocked? Artifact test? looking at the GPU/chips?

Because I really doubt there is anyway to see it unless the card stopped working or burnt out?

EDIT: typo its 9800 GX2 not 260 GTX.
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  1. you never know what a company might do with the non-volatile storage space on the cards/chips (and there is some, trust me).

    they may save the last/highest clock speeds in that memory, and then be able to read it out later..

    they also may not give a rats arse either.

    who knows these days
  2. The same way Mazda can tell my turbo charged CX7 was beyond redline and wrecked the motor. Fine print writtern into the warranty as to 'they can do what ever they want to'. :lol: They can't tell for absolute certain what caused the damage, unless you tell them :) . And with a retail purchase you have a 'limited' three year warranty. You pay good money for a product that fails under warranty and the company is not going to replace it? The company will replace the failed part under warranty before it becomes a legal matter.
  3. Unless they plan on reselling the GTX260 as a refurb, they'll probably just toss the GTX260 and send the GTX280. What kind of discount did your friend get for sending back his 260?

  4. I'm sorry, I referred to CPU's when I should have been referring to Obama's planned peace treaties. He can pretty much use them to wipe his b*** with. :sol:
  5. sorry it was a misprint, I just read a review about the 260 GTX lol so it was stamped on my brain....he's trading up his GX2 for the 280 GTX****

    he's only paying 60$ to get the new card including shipping, if BFG accepts the 9800 GX2.

    Sorry again for the misprint.

    I'm kinda thinking that they aren't going to reject the 9800 GX2 since its back ordered, and they are in demand.
  6. You are like the Evel Knievel of graphics card users. Better watch, Mr. Bigger may be watching. :lol: How long does the average 'overclockable' computer part last you? Like 7 minutes... :lol:
  7. lol not that small amount of time:( lol my Q9450 was oced since summer @ 3.6:) its still ok :D

    Temps @ 28-32 and 42 % load:D
  8. I wish I could O'c my Pentium D 805 on my Intel D101G MB. I updated the BIOS in hopes of unlocking the FSB value. I said 'locked'. Did that cause you to hyperventilate? :lol: The only way to raise my FSB from 533Mhz. on this machine is to remove the 805D and put in a P4 521 w/800MHz. FSB I have. I loose a 2.6Ghz. CPU in doing that, so I don't know. I'm hoping for minor installation troubles with a 280GTX. I don't have anything to trade up to one. I don't have one or the money to buy one now that I thin about it. :lol: I'll just watch you post and dream. :sol:
  9. What's your take on any potential Peace treaties? I'm loking for a sh!t load of 'em in the near future. My taxpayer dollars are headed for in the toilet. What does a 280GTX feel like? :lol:
  10. LMFAO dude u made my day ur jokes lol! The computer I gave my gf had a pentium d 3.2 single core processor I beleive. I can't remember if it was 3.2 or 3.4....

    Man now that I start remembering the clock speeds of the cpus...were they ever high for its time...3.4 ghz...most of us need to oc to get to that speed lol:P
    Shes got my old x1950 XTX in it though:) lol . Enough for spore:D
  11. How the 280 GTX is? Honestly its one of those things that you get use too, after see high frames for a couple of days your like...ok what now? I think giving in to my higher expectations and craving for higher performance is like a bottomless pit (also a drug, don't forget drug:)).

    So now I'm here saying COMMON thats it?!?!?!?!?!?!?! when it reality any game can be played, so I tell myself stfu

    Honestly after you've got it your like ok so I stopped paying for my medicine and for my food for this?

    It really is nice to feel soo much power under the hood, but its truly rushed. I mean look at all those idiots with 500,000 Ferraris on the street, going "hey man my car is faster than urs"....race 1 block and ur car is towed and ticketed by the police.

    Ofc its not quite the same in this case, but by the time the power these cards are trully put to the test, there will prob be a single card out, that consumes less does almost the same thing as atleast 2 of these cards with out the sli micro stutter.

    Either way I'm AA obssesed, and since the only game I'm playing right now is left 4 dead ( with my laptop can max out with 16 AA) it kinda seems like a with sonic unleashed coming out I'm moving either to my ps3 or wii.

    Thank god I didn't buy these things, and I did a trade:)
  12. A 3.4GHz pentium 4 775 is like $50. My P4 521 2.8GHz. is $33.95. What's your GF's cell? I have an idea something along the line of what you did for her. If I know women like you do, this may work out well for the both of us. I built my wife an e8400 and only charged her 4 grand. :lol:
  13. Well, I'm glad to know if I decide to game in the future, I can max the AF and keep the AA low and pull out a can a whoopazz on you. I hope that clears up your future a little. :lol: And you'll eat your heart out a little more when I get my 280 GTX for $6 in 2012. :sol:
  14. hahah I think the 280 GTX will be 400$ ;) PCI Express will be more expensive than Super Duper PCI Express;) HAHAHA
  15. there's a tiny speedometer in the video card they look at with a microscope.
  16. I dont think the companies even check if you OC. They just send you the new part as required.
  17. badge said:
    I wish I could O'c my Pentium D 805 on my Intel D101G MB.

    I don't overclock, but can't you find an old board that would allow for overclocking? That CPU supposedly gets to 4 gigahertz on air. At that speed, it might be as fast as a stock Core 2 at 2.4. Really, it's not worth it now, but it supposedly was for awhile:,1253.html
  18. yipsl said:
    I don't overclock, but can't you find an old board that would allow for overclocking? That CPU supposedly gets to 4 gigahertz on air. At that speed, it might be as fast as a stock Core 2 at 2.4. Really, it's not worth it now, but it supposedly was for awhile:,1253.html

    Yeah the 805 really was a easy OC. Posting on one now. The period for them unfortunately was just a few months before C2D hit.
  19. Yeah, I have a an ASUS micro P5LD2-VM 945G that OC's the 805-D to 3.5GHz. easily. The chip works pretty nice at that speed. That ASUS board currently has a Pentium D 925 and is used as a workstation as is the Intel D101G. My Intel 101G radeon 200 needed to be a later revision to support the 925. I would swap the the two Pentium D's and OC the 805 on the 945G like I have in the past if I could. I recently was given a Pentium 4 521 2.8GHz single core 775. That chip would give me 800 MHz., but I would lose the second 2.66GHz chip at 533MHz the 805 D gives me. The 805-D stuck at 2.66GHz at 533 BUS does a few tricks a Celeron won't do. has a lot more cache, but needs some added transfer speed throughout the system to carry it's power. These systems as just fast enough to be 'not enough pain' to work on anymore.
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