Which processor is best for 3D Rendering?

Hi all? I'm a professional 3D artist who is working in Architectural visualization field. So when I'm using 3D rendering, processor plays the main character there. I wish to get new PC for my works and there are 2 processors in my mind to get. So I wanna know which one from them most efficiency in 3D rendering?

01. E8400 3.0Ghz Core 2 Duo 6 MB L2 Cache 1333Mhz Front side bus

02. Q6600 2.4Ghz Core 2 Quad 8MB L2 Cache 1066Mhz Front side bus

So someone tell me which one is the best? First I thought Quad core one is better. But I have a doubt because its buss speed is lower than the core 2 duo one.
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  1. If the rendering software you use supports multiple (2+) threads then the quad would be better, otherwise the higher clocked dual. Front side bus as such doesn't really mean that much...
  2. Most 3D rendering software (if up to date) would benifit from the Quad core2 CPU's, so the Q6600 would be the better option.

    The lower frequency can be adjusted by a slight tweek in the BIOS.
    from experience, the Q6600 can easily run at 400x6 at stock speeds (2.4ghz), and still give u a nice 1600mhz FSB to run on.

    although the system will be work related, if the problem with raw power is a problem, then change the FSB to 1600mhz, and wack the multiplier to 8 for a nice overclock to 3.2ghz, which should run nicely with a minor upping of the voltage (may even run on stock voltage = 1.2v).

    so the quad should fit in the system quite nicely, and still give the speeds that u require if ur willing to tweek a bit.

    good luck, and hope i could have been of some help.
  3. The Q6600 will run better. For your field, you might even consider a 2p Opteron setup with tons of RAM.
  4. Thanks kari, Thanks papalarge123, thanks amdfangirl. I think I got a sufficient answer from you all. Thank you very much again.
  5. If needby, overclock the processor. Q6600 is great for you.
  6. I would not substantially invest in 3d rendering hardware at this time.

    2009 will most likely be the 'watershed' year we have been waiting for in near real-time photorealistic 3D rendering with GPU-based authoring tools.
  7. look into Xeons. They tend to have better performance in stuff like 3dsmax, milkshake, Maya, Blender, etc.
  8. Depending what software you are using.

    If using studio max 9 or higher 64 bit or Maya than the quad core with a butt load of memory.

    If using 8 or below studio or maya than the duo core. 8 does not use anything beyond 2 cores.

    Dont use over clocked PC's studio max flakes out and autdesk will even tell you that.
  9. Can I change my answer to Phenom II? Given the high performance results in these catagories, I'm gonna re-recommend the Phenom II 920.
  10. bravo29 said:

    Dont use over clocked PC's studio max flakes out and autdesk will even tell you that.

    Core 2 series were/are amazing at overclocking and stability. My E6320 (266fsb) could easily run on 333fsb with stock voltage, but I have it on 400mhz with stock cooling, no overheating. Of course, good and stable chipset helps with that...

    I ran every stres test i could find and I`m using software like Artlantis and 3ds max Design for 4 years now, always overclocked to some point or the other. No problems whatsoever...

    i5/i7 2xxx series are equally good at stability, as I`m told.
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