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I wanted to ask if my computer is running on a stable temperature. Ive checked it with SpeedFan, but theres this little fire image beside my GPU and Core 2.
I don't want my computer burning up. :P

Here's the results from SpeedFan.

GPU: 53C
CPU: 34C
Ambient: 37C
Remote: 41C
Temp1: 40C
Core: 39C
Ambient: 0C

Thanks in advance :)

[Computer Specs]
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
2.00 GHz, 1.00GB of RAM
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  1. Looks normal.
  2. Thanks buddy :)
  3. Try using Hardware Monitor?

    Also, is that load temps using a load program?

    Prime 95 for CPU
    Furmark for GPU

    CPU cores shouldn't go above mid 60C's for your CPU, GPU is fine in the 80C's.
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