Lost files in my documents after creating new account

i have checked C:\Documents and Settings\All Users but i don't see my old account at all
is it that all my old files including all pictures of my wife's and kids are wiped out?
is there anyway i can recover my own files ??
please help me out..thx :(
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  1. What happens when you log on with the old account, or the Administrator account?

    One user account won't be able to see documents belonging to another account (not without changing permissions on the files anyway).

  2. Just being pedantic for a moment, you won't find it in All Users. It will be a folder in whatever username on the same screen as All Users. Do you have a specimen filename for which you could search? It may lead to all the others. What is teh amount of used space on the hard disk? Allowing, say 5Gb for XP and maybe 12Gb for Programme Files, if you're using up 30Gb there must be some files stored somewhere.

    Google for a utility called SpaceMonger which will tell you what is stored amnd where. If you have lost files, try Recuva from http://www.piriform.com (the CCleaner people) in the first instance. Others are available if that doesn't find anything.
  3. Look in just C:\Documents and Settings\

    You would see your new account name, and should see a few more directories. Each of those has a My Documents folder. Look there for your files.

    The "All Users" folder is for a special type of folder, basically anything that goes in there is usable by "All Users", like a shortcut or menu item you want everyone on the computer to see no matter what account the use. It's not actually a place to see the folders or files of "All Users" that are on the computer.

    If you created a new account without deleting your old one, your files are all there. If you deleted your account, check the Recycle Bin or possibly may need to use a file recovery software like Recuva.
  4. I am having this same problem. The short version - was having problems with itunes. The apple support person uninstalled itunes, but for some reason we were not able to download itunes again. She then had me create a new user. Old one was named LIZ, new one named Lizzy. When I booted up this morning, it automatically logged into the newly created user, Lizzy. Which didn't even have internet or my e-mail set up, etc...etc..
    The old user LIZ, won't even show up. I try to log out and Switch Users, and nothing shows up.

    The files/pictures from the old user LIZ are all still there, but I want to get rid of the new and go back to the old. How do I do that?
    Thank you.
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