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my internet explorer email window has moved to the bottom right hand conder on my desktop screen. I can only see the top left hand corner of it. I have tried to resize and move it with no success. I can, and do, maximise it in order to use it but it returns to the corner afterwards.
This may be after a windows update but since it happened overnight I dont think that the problem is due to anything that I have done. Any ideas?
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  1. If you can see enough of the window to get a menu when you right-click on the title bar you could try the "Size" option. Once selected you resize the Window with the arrow keys (press <Enter> when finished). Or you could try "Move" from the same menu.
  2. Does this only happen when you go to the email site? All other I.E. windows are fine? After you maximize it, you get the full screen, can use it, then how does it go back to the small size? On it's own?

    I don't see a single web site having this issues when others are fine, something is going on here that's not quite as described.

    You can try to clear temp files and cookies, keep in mind that will clear your saved passwords and maybe some other site settings.
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