Zoostorm Intel Celeron Dual e1200 has what motherboard?

Just bought this machine, Zoostorm Intel Celeron E1200 80Gb 512DDr2 AND need to upgrade graphics, ram and cpu. Would love to know what motherboard it has though?
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  1. Use cpu-z (a free download) to id the motherboard and memory.
  2. I dont have that machine yet, not until it arrives, in a week.
  3. Why!?!??
  4. It was purchased online yesterday, 7 to 10 days until I can find out i.
  5. Just got off the phone, a friend has suggested that it is the G31 Intel Express board. Sounds right, on the basis my pc description includes on board graphics supporting direct x9, which this mobo also has. Anyone think he is right?
  6. Possibly correct.... you might want to check out this site....... http://www.pcnextday.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?ProductCode=3362-2302&GroupCode=

    the carry the zoostorm line ....although they do not offer one with only 512MB of ram........
  7. I like the kingston memory tool someone suggested to me when I had a dead machine and wanted to know which mobo.

    here's a link:
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