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I currently have my DDR3 1333 ram running at 1416 frequency with 7-7-7-19 timings on stock 1.5v voltage. The ram is rated to run at 8-8-8-24 1333. this makes me think that by raising my DRAM voltage I should be able to get even more out of it, but even if I raise it to 1.9(is that to high?) and try dropping the timings to 6-6-6-19 or raising my frequency a bit I can't boot. Am I trying to push to far or am I not going high enough with my voltages?
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  1. LOL 1.9 is too high I'm guessing. What is the specs for the ram. My G.Skill is 1.5 to 1.6.

    Over volting will kill your ram if your not careful. Moderate over volting, say .05 or maybe .1 as long as your properly cooling them, should be ok.
  2. oh I thought I've heard of people going up to 2.1? yea at stock its 1.5.
  3. Not with ddr3, maybe ddr2. Anyway, forget what other people are doing, your hardware is what matters. You can look on the box or call G.Skill and ask what the highest voltage you can run safely and go with that, or close to it.
  4. yea, no where on their website, or on the box does it say anything about max voltage, just the default of 1.5. Maybe it can't go past 1.5?lol
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    There should be a part number on the heat spreader somewhere. A small sticker, or a stamped number somewhere. Does your motherboard allow for .05 increases? If so you should be safe doing 1.55 maybe 1.6 if you have active cooling on the ram. Start with 1.55 if you can, and see what that does for ya.
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