A beast of a machine? Well, for only $1100 what do you think?

Hey hey, Im attempting my first build and these are the parts Im going to order. After months of research Ive come to the conclusion that these are the best parts for my budget. Without further ado I give you "the list" I will be building this sometime within the next 3-4 months.

Video Card- XFX GeForce GTX 260 (Subject to change if prices drop at Xmas.)

PC Case- Cooler Master HAF 932

Motherboard- MSI P45 Neo2

Power Supply- Rosewill RX950-S-B

Processor- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4

Memory(RAM)- Patriot Extreme Performance 4G(2x2G)

HDD- Western Digital 640G 16mb cache

Rom Drive 1- ASUS Black 18x DVD-Rom, 48x CD

Rom Drive 2- SAMSUNG Black CD/DVD Burner

Sound Card- Creative Sound Blaster

Processor Fan and Heatsink- Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7

Fans- Apevia 120mm Blue Led

****NOTE: This is only the parts list.
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  1. PSU choice sucks real bad.

    Do you need a reder and a burner? The burner can read as well.

    Xigmatek 120 coolers are way better the the Arctic freezer coolers.

    Your mobo is probably good but I would get the Asus P5Q pro instead.
  2. get a different power supply:
    you may also look at getting an X38/48 MOBO and getting a 4870. I just saw the 512MB version for 215 or so after MIR, which one of those is a little better than the 260. Also, Crossfiring them would be awesome.
  3. Umm...... You know you can't SLi that 260 on that board right? If you really want a 260 then consider looking at a 750i board. If you want to go with that MSI P45 board though you should consider going with a Radeon 4870 instead.

    I'm also not crazy about that power supply. If you're only going to use one video card that get a lower watt rated, but better quality power supply such as this one.

    CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W $119.99
  4. roadrunner197069 said:
    PSU choice sucks real bad.

    Do you need a reder and a burner? The burner can read as well.

    Xigmatek 120 coolers are way better the the Arctic freezer coolers.

    Your mobo is probably good but I would get the Asus P5Q pro instead.

    +1 I also don't like those Apeiva fans. Antec tri cool are pretty good.
  5. +1 for roadrunner197069 on changing the power supply.
    +1 for ragsters on the Antec Tri Cool fans.
  6. +1 on the Xigmatek cooler and backplate as well as the 4870.

    Yea, Rosewill PSU's suck. Check out buy.com for good deals on PSU's and cases. They have a great deal on the Corsair 750TX linked above.

    http://www.buy.com/prod/corsair-750w-tx-series-80-plus-certified-power-supply-corsair-tx-cmpsu/q/loc/101/206178325.html $104 - $20 MIR

    I would also stick with Asus or Gigabyte boards. I haven't had the best luck with MSI.
  7. This fan is much better, yes it's more expensive, but it's more efficient and silent. The S-Flex:

    As far as power supplies go, you can find better. Look for a 650-750 watt power supply. I recommend Antec or Corsair or PCP&C.

    For motherboards, I recommend the Asus P5Q Pro. I believe the reviews say the ACF7P you've chosen works with that motherboard without any physical modifications to the fan or motherboard.

    For GPUs, a 4870 512MB/1GB or GTX 260 (Core 216) will be fine. They all perform similarly, look for reviews to see how each perform on the games you play. You can't go wrong with either cards.

    I also recommend getting a E8400, E8500 or E8600 over the Q6600 because they clock higher, and even when overclocking is factored in, they are better for single and dual core optimized games. (E8600 isn't necessarily worth the extra money, at least for some).

    I personally have five to six Antec Tri-Cool fans, from 80mm all the way to 120mm. They simply aren't quiet enough for me at the low setting. They may be for you. They do push plenty of air, although they leave me wanting for more. Consider the S-Flex D or E model. Just have one fan in the rear pushing air out, and one air in the front pulling air in. Two fans pulling air in in the front is overkill and just makes your case detectably louder (it doesn't decrease temperature no where near as much as going from zero front fans to one does).

    For the sound card, I think you will be fine with the onboard HD audio. You can always go to your local PC store and buy a Audigy for around the same price if the onboard audio isn't good enough for you.

    Great choice on the hard drive. That particular one is on my list for upgrades as well.

    Remember to give Antec's P180 a good look. That case is magnificent. The Corsair CMPSU 650TX and 750TX go well with it.
  8. Ok, so which PSU should I go with instead? I will be CFing the 4870 down the road. :) And I wouldnt have to have the fans, but I heard ball bearings were better than sleeves. ;)
  9. So you went on newegg, selected parts, and it costed $1100.

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