How to make my new WD 1TB Drive Quite


Got a new build and my main goal is Quite computer. I got everything down to a whisper, but the new drive
MAKES a lot of crunching noise. I had a old 100GB WD 5400 drive and never made the noise the 1 TB makes. Is it because it's bigger and faster it make more noise????

I searched and read that there is software that you can adjust the hard drive from performance mode to acoustic or quite mode. Is this true and if it is. Where do I find such software?????

The loud crunching noise is coming from within the hard drive. Rubber mounts are not going to help me.

My build

WD Caviar Black
Desktop Hard Drives
1 TB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 32 MB Cache, 7200 RPM

Gigbit P55A-UD3 Mother B
i7-860 cpu

What to Do?????????
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  1. I have the same drive, and I thought it was pretty quiet? If silence was the goal, maybe you should have looked into the green drives, or even a way overpriced complete ripoff of your money SSD?

    If there is software for this drive, I would start by researching the Western Digital Web site.
  2. SSD drive is not going to happen with me. I agree that it a ripoff for my needs. I think there is something wrong with my drive because I have other WD drives and I can deal with the little noise it makes. The 1 TB I got is non stop crunching.
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