Will Noctua NH-D14 on a GIgabyte X58A 3DR?

I'm building a new rig.

i7 920
mobo: gigabyte X58A UD3R
case: HAF 922
graphic : radeon 5850

and I was going to go for a Noctua NH-D14 for the processor. Then I was looking at photos of the size of the thing and I'm wondering if there's room on the board for it.

I've been to the Noctua website and the board isn't included in the compatability list - but that doesn't mean it is or isn't compatible - it means it's just not on the list - and so far they haven't answered my email.

Has anyone got experience with this fan on the X58A UD3R?

I had been thinking that I should place the fan horizontally over the CPU so it doesn't draw hot exhaust air from the graphic card over the CPU - but I have a feeling looking at the size of the beast it won't fit like that without blocking the use of some of the RAM slots.

Can anyone give me advice..cos otherwise I probably won't risk spending the money and will go for something a little smaller....

in advance
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  1. I think your primary concern should be the case. Can you specifics on the dimensions for both the fan and the case?
  2. NOctua, in fact got back to me last week and the board is compatible. They've now even posted it on their website.

    I'm probably not going for the D14 in any case. Probably going for the smaller and lighter (though only by 200 grammes) NH 12 SE.

    I won't be doing extreme overclocks.

    The case will probably be the Define R2 from Fractal Design with a few extra fans - for me noise dampening is the priority. PLus I love the look and front panel door. They have a head room of 16.5 cm (or should that be sideroom :p :) ?)- so fitting in the case for either cooler isn't a problem. Thanks for the reply.
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