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I received a USB flash drive as a souvenir at a conference. I dont have the instructions with me anymore. When I plug it in, it shows one file on the drive 'login.exe'. The drive capacity is showing as 250 KB (should be 1 GB). And windows says that its write-protected.

The 'login.exe' asks for a password and irrespective of anything I type, it just exits with no message. The 'login.exe' also has a change password option which asks for the old password and new password. Irrespective of whatever I give, it always says "password successfully changed". But when I give this password to login again, nothing happens as usual.

I tried a low-level format utility but it said that the disk did not have 65535 sectors. I've searched and tried a number of things but nothing works. It still shows the wrong capacity and disk is write-protected. (PS. there is no switch to turn off write-protection on the drive.)
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  1. Try this:

    USB Flash drive tester,1000000375,39364218s,00.htm

    The pen drive may be bad and need replacement.
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