The ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP (BEAST)

Holy balls. by far the best card you will ever see on any AGP interface. I just got this card a few days ago and figured out how to unleash it today. my system is a A64 3200+ processor running at 2.5ghz(single core socket 754) 2 gig of ddr ram, and this card. I am running call of duty 4 on all axed out settings with no lag whatsoever. This card has completely re-vamped my old system into something completely compatiblke with all the games out today. If you are thinking of buying this card, please. read on.

1. Put that card in your mobo
2. Get the hot fix from ATI's site. ONLY THE HOT FIX DON'T NEED ANYTHING ELSE
3. install that and restart.
I started out with this using two monitors, a nice feature.. but for some reason this destroys ATI's CCC and it will almost never open for you. It will also run like.. no games at all with two monitors up. Use ONE monitor for this card. unless you know something I dont and can fix it...

its not as hard as everyone is saying.. people are just dumb.. don't listen. Super easy setup and and well worth it.

Just wanted to try and help someone out here.. I was a little skeptical when I bought mine..
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  1. good to hear that...enjoy your new card :D
  2. Well, that card is probably pretty limited by your CPU, but I guess there is not much you can do with that old socket. Still, it will allow you turn up the visual settings on older games, even if you'll have to keep some of the more CPU intensive settings turned down.
  3. To get multi-monitor support, you'll probably need a windows reinstall along with new drivers. The AGP hotfix is old stuff, the newest drivers should work flawlessly.

    But that doesn't change the fact that I hate my 2600XT AGP.
  4. Sorry for all the typos up there.. I guess I forgot to proofread.. hehe. But anyway. The hotfix is the only thing I got to install correctly. Everything else I tried has said it cant find any hardware compatible with the driver. And Megaman, im not sure if you read correctly or not. I said COD4 MAXXED OUT!! all settings as high as possible! I'm not sure how it works... but this card is amazing. haven't tried crysis yet.. but I plan on it.
  5. I'm a little rusty on A64 clockspeeds, how much of an overclock is that?
  6. the stock 3200+ runs at 2.2ghz I have overclocked mine as much as I can. It seems to be holding up pretty well
  7. Not bad at all. Got any benchmark scores for it?
  8. Finally, someone who likes their AGP 3850. Cool to hear that you can play some fairly new games and enjoy all of the goodies.
  9. Can anyone suggest a good benchmark program? I have tried most of the 3Dmarks and none of them will open for me. not sure why.. And yeah I really enjoy this card, its doing a great job
  10. There's a patch for 3dmark for the 2600 series cards, I don't know if it also applies to the 3000 series. Check into it.
  11. You can grab some free demo benchmarks like Devil May Cry 4 or Call of Juarez. I hear the FurmMrk is brutal but haven't used it yet. There are a bunch others you could have fun with at techpowerup.
  12. which games can u run (high settings)?
  13. I can run everything I have on high, call of duty 4 , rainbow 6 Vegas 2, Crysis, World of Warcraft, everything really..

    Thanks for the benchmark suggestions
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