E5200 2.5ghz OC to 4 ghz (320x12.5)

I have an E5200 2.5ghz , Abit IP35P motherboard and a Zalman CNPS-9990 LED
Now my CPU is OC to 3.33ghz (266x12.5). I increased the voltage from 1.12 V to 1.20 V. My DDR2 is still at 800mhz and I don't want to OC it.
Could someone give me a list of all voltages that should be increased and the values for them , in order to make the CPU stable?
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  1. I managed to OC to 3.66 333x11 with 1.28V, CPUTIN 55-56 C and 62-64 C core temperatures. Unfortunately for 3.83 (333x11.5) the CPU needs 1.32 V , CPUTIN goes to 65-66 C and 72 C core temperatures with Intel Burn Test.
  2. I have a E5300 (stock 2.6GHz), and I currently have it running at 3.6GHz (277 x 13), it's volted at 1.31v.

    Stock voltages for the E5300 is up to 1.36v

    I'm using a cheap $12 cooler and it keeps under 50'C running Prime95.
  3. GA-EP35-DS3P | E5200 OC'd to 3.78 GHz (315 MHz X 12) VID = 1.28 volts :(
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