Need help so bad..pls!!

am using compaq nc6220, xp pro sp3.
my hard drive got no a noob and need help coz am always low on ram, dont know how to put the right config on it, right now my laptop lags and hangs. dont know what to do about it.
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    It doesn't have any partitions on it? Not even a primary partition, with XP installed on it? No recovery partition (usually the D drive if you have one)?

    Do you have recovery discs?
  2. oh, tnx for the has a primary partition C drive..nuthin else and no, idont have any recovery discs....this laptop i got is a hand me down from an elder brother and this is the only one i got..and you know evrytime
    i turn it always say enter smart card 2 smart card reader or you are low on ram, wndows nt require 512 of low power what i do is reboot it a couple of times then it turns on normaly

    am just clueless!! :sweat:
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  4. Can it still boot into windows successfully?

    If yes, try doing some routine system cleanup. Check for updated drivers. Do a chkdsk scan (start-->run-->type chkdsk /r )
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